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4 Benefits of Donating Your TV to Charity

old tv

If you haven’t made a charitable contribution this year, now is as good a time as ever to scan your house for items you can donate. As you rummage through your home, don’t just collect toys and clothes – sure, people in need will appreciate these items – but they may also be in need of electronics. If you have an old TV in your home that’s taking up too much space or are looking to upgrade your current set, why not give it to charity?

Removing a big bulky TV from your home is an excellent way to declutter. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Here’s a look at some other solid reasons to give your TV to charity.

1. You’ll spend fewer hours watching TV.

Giving away one or two television sets is an easy way to decrease the number of hours your family sits in front of the television every day. The more TVs in the house, after all, the more likely you are to spend time on the couch.

Not to say you need to eliminate every television you own, but do you really need a TV in every single room? If there’s a TV in the family room or den, consider getting rid of it. By taking away opportunities to watch television, the family can engage in other activities together, like playing board games, conversing in the evenings, spending time outdoors or enjoying hobbies.

2. You’ll get a tax write-off.

Another benefit of giving your TV to charity is that your donation can result in a tax write-off. Tax write-offs are a hot commodity during tax season. Whether you’re self-employed or simply looking to reduce your taxable income, the more charitable donations you make throughout the year, the better.

Reducing your taxable income can lead to a bigger tax refund, or you might owe the federal and state government less money. Keep in mind: you’ll need a receipt for donations that exceed $250.

3. You’ll set a good example.

When you give your television (or any item) to charity, you also set a good example for your children, friends and loved ones. Your pattern of giving can open their eyes to the world around them. Your charitable example may help your children become more charitable individuals. And if your generous spirit results in you watching less TV, your friends and family may imitate this behavior and use their time more wisely. Children especially are like sponges and they typically follow the lead of their parents. The good habits you instill in them at a young age can prove beneficial throughout their entire life.

And while you’re giving away your television, encourage everyone you know to go through their bedrooms and collect things they no longer use. They can donate these and help others in need.

4. You won’t be as wasteful.

If you purchase another TV for the home and you no longer need an older, working TV, don’t throw it away! If the television functions, giving it to charity keeps you from being wasteful. Understand that some organizations only accept certain types of televisions. Since flat screens are popular, there’s a greater demand for these. Donating older TVs might mean having to call several donation centers before finding one willing to pick it up.

Donating to charity is an excellent way to support an organization that’s close to your heart. So if you have an extra TV lying around, take part in the spirit of giving and donate it to a family in need.



Posted on Friday, January 19th, 2018