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Plenty of people dream of having their own home theater, and we can see why. Creating a similar atmosphere as the movie theaters in the comfort of your own home? What could be better? For those who seriously consider it though, or are actually looking to set their own up, figuring out the technicalities of it all can be frustrating. We’re here to break it down, so having your own home theater can become a reality. TV The heart of all home theaters is the television. What else will bring your house to life, turning your living room into a jungle or futuristic era? This is what brings you that breathtaking viewer experience, so it’s important your TV has the essential visual capabilities. Pretty much any LED or OLED TV will work for your set-up, and many are able to produce images in 4K Ultra HD. Smaller screens producing 720p or 1080p images should do just fine, but if your TV is any larger, we definitely recommend that 4k Ultra for an even greater boost. Home Theater Receiver (aka AV… Read more

Best Overall LG E7 OLED $3496 on Amazon It seems the only negative for this TV is the price, but man is it worth it. Pros include stunning OLED picture, incredible off-axis viewing, a sound system that will blow any others out of the water, and a variety of support for the newest 4K formats being released. LG's E7 OLED produces a picture so intricate, anything different will look dull. Due to the LED technology, this TV can deepen contrasts, enhance the edges around images to give them a crisp image, and the brightness is top notch. The 65-inch E7 also supports HDR formats Dolby Vision and Ultra HD Premium. If that doesn’t convince you, the sharp audio available on the E7 will. The E7’s sleek construction allows for a great looking appearance and rids itself of the typical black bezel. Like other OLED TV’s, this has the well-known off-axis viewing angles, so you won't have to sit in a particular place to notice the vibrant colors and contrasts. Best Value TCL 6-Series Roku TV $1,000 on Amazon Being voted… Read more

The Beginning of TV
Content Writer

Archaic Stage Before there was vision, there was sound. It may sound strange, but the birth of TV didn’t start with an actual television. To understand how those shiny, thin screens transformed from the massive sets they used to be way back when we’ll look into a little over a hundred years ago in 1874. The young German, K.F. Braun, invented the crystal rectifier. The device was to aid in radio transmissions, making the transmitting process easier by allowing currents to flow in one, smooth direction. This increased the range of Guglielmo Marconi's one-way transmitter, and both scientists continued studying the physics behind electric transmission. This led to Braun inventing what is known as the first cathode-ray tube. I know, based on the technical wording of it, this tube doesn’t sound all that thrilling, but Braun’s invention produced visible patterns that were graphical representations of electrical signals. This was essentially the world’s first scanning device! New Radio, Who Dis? It was Christmas Eve in 1906, and radio operators on ships in the Atlantic were shocked to hear a human voice… Read more

While media streamers and other online-based television have the spotlight, some say this could be the end of satellite and cable TV— The end of the cords, but is it really possible to “cut the cord”? One of the first (and maybe most important) indicators of whether satellite and cable TV will continue to thrive is the global impact. According to analyst firm IHS Markit’s Ben Keen, the U.S. has the largest gap between consumers subscribing to broadband and an OTT service and then packages from a pay TV operator. This gap shows that consumers in the U.S. have about $35 to use on other OTT services that don’t include their broadband and Netflix subscriptions. Those in the U.S. have a lot more wiggle room to purchase an add-on to make up for what they’re missing in TV, such as Sling TV and HBO NOW. When looking at other countries though, there is little to nearly no gap between broadband and Netflix and then a multiple system operator’s (MSO) triple play, meaning it makes no financial sense for consumers in… Read more

Setting up services for your home is fairly easy, as your home stays in one place, but if you like long trips on the road, or have converted your home to a van or RV, then it may be a bit more difficult to get TV. When it comes to getting shows on the road, viewers typically ask: How do I get TV service? Will I be able to watch my favorite shows? Can I get HDTV? The answer to most of those is fairly simple and a relative yes. Here are a few tips to keep up with your digital entertainment while away from the house. Satellite Satellite dishes can be mounted on to the RV itself, while portable satellite units sit on the ground outside of the vehicle whenever you stop. As a fee-based service, you’ll need to contract it for yourself, but keep in mind that getting local network channels isn’t really an option if you’re traveling outside of what’s considered your local service area. Another possible downside is the process of setting up your RV for… Read more