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TV has change so much over the past ten years, so much so that some people have had difficulty keeping up. You might remember a time when you had to watch TV shows live. And if you weren’t home and didn’t want to miss a show, you had to set your VCR and keep a few blank tapes on standby. It’s a different scenario now. But since change happens gradually, it’s easy to forget or not realize just how different things are today. Here’s a look at how TV has evolved: We can watch an entire season in a weekend There was a time when movie rental stores like Blockbuster only had movie rentals. They eventually branched out and began offering entire seasons of our favorite sitcoms and dramas. Storefront movie rental stores are a thing of the past. Even so, they changed the game forever. If you subscribe to a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu, you can still watch entire seasons of a show—sometimes in just one weekend. So if there’s a popular show that you’ve never… Read more

Whether it’s the end of your favorite show’s season or the end of an entire series, this is a time of mixed emotions. You’ve become emotionally invested in the lives of your favorite characters over the past years or months. You’ve set time aside to watch the show each and every week. And the show has been the topic of your conversations at work, home or school. What will you do now that the show has ended? Here’s a look at a few ways to fill your time until a show returns, or you find your new favorite drama after a series finale. Take a break from TV Watching several shows throughout the week can consume a lot of your time in the evenings. Now that your shows have ended for the season or permanently, you might consider a break from TV. Not to say you can’t watch TV. But with more time on your hands, this is the perfect time to explore or discover other activities. Maybe you’ve been putting off starting a new hobby or reading a book.… Read more

When you think about watching TV, you might envision relaxing and kicking back. But while TV can provide tons of entertainment, it can also spark new interests. So if you’re thinking about picking up a new hobby or if you’re looking to make the best use of your time, start browsing through your favorite channels. What you discover might encourage you to explore new activities. Here’s a look at four hobbies you can pick up from watching TV. Gardening You might like the appearance of plants and the idea of having fresh flowers around your home, yet you lack a green thumb. You’re not alone. The good news is that many gardening techniques can be learned, and adding flowers inside and outside your home might be easier than you think. If you browse through your channels, you might stumble upon a gardening program offering step-by-step instructions on how to boost your home’s curb appeal. These programs are perfect whether you’re looking to plant flowers in the ground or in a pot. You can find tips on how to care for… Read more

You likely have your favorite TV programs, and your children have theirs. So each evening, everyone might go to their separate corners and watch their own TVs. But while watching every single TV program with your children might be a bit unrealistic, it’s important to be involved with them with regards to entertainment. This not only provides another opportunity to connect as a family, it can also help you understand your children’s viewpoint on certain matters. So if they normally retreat to their bedrooms for TV time after dinner or on the weekends, encourage them to watch television in the living room or family room and join them if you can. Here are a few tips to help you stay involved with their screen time. Get to know one of their favorite shows Understandably, you might not be interested in programs that your children enjoy, and vice versa. Even so, you can connect and bond over entertainment by making an effort to watch shows that your children enjoy. This is also a perfect approach if you feel that you’re not… Read more

Are you thinking about cutting the cord, but wondering if it’s the right choice for your family? Some people get rid of cable and never look back, but others sometimes regret this decision and quickly resume a relationship with their cable company, sometimes paying more than they used to. Deciding whether to cut the cord can be tricky. But there are a few questions you can ask yourself to help gauge whether cable or streaming is the right fit for you. 1. Does it make financial sense to cancel cable? There’s no denying that streaming can be cheaper than cable. But sometimes, keeping cable makes sense when you're bundling services. Some cable providers offer a wealth of other services, including internet, phone and home security. When customers subscribe to multiple services as part of a bundle or package, they usually pay less than someone who subscribes to these services separately. If you eliminate a basic cable package—and essentially cancel your bundle—while keeping other services, your monthly bill will decrease. But the savings might be less than what you expect. To help you… Read more