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7 Excellent Reasons to Ditch the TV In Your Bedroom

television in bedroom

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to have a television in multiple rooms throughout your home, including the living room, den, bedroom and maybe a home office. No matter your location in the house, you’re never far from your favorite programs.

While a TV in the bedroom can be convenient, there are tons of reasons you might want to remove it, from personal health and well-being, to the effect it may have on your family. Eliminating TV from the bedroom can be quite an adjustment to make, but having TV occupy so much space in your home can have detrimental effects you may have never even considered.

Before you turn the page on this idea, here’s why you may want to move the TV out of your bedroom and into somewhere more appropriate.

1. You sleep better.

If you’re constantly complaining about poor quality of sleep, removing the television from the bedroom might be the answer.

With a TV in your bedroom, you’re likely to watch shows before shutting down for the night. And if you find something entertaining, there’s a tendency to stay up late. As a result, you sleep fewer hours and can’t get up in the morning. This can trigger daytime tiredness and grogginess. Remove this distraction and it’ll be easier to fall asleep at a reasonable time.

2. You avoid over-stimulation.

Even if you have enough self-control to turn off the television at a certain time, watching TV before bed can be overstimulating. You can turn off the TV and light, yet your mind continues to race. And if you’re overstimulated or become engrossed in a show before bed, your mind could hold onto the last image, triggering vivid dreams and a restless night.

3. You set a good example.

If you want your children to watch less TV at night, set a good example by removing the television from your room. If your kids see you watching television late into the night, they’re likely to repeat this behavior. Instead of relying on television, use this time to read and unwind before closing your eyes. This ritual can make it easier to fall asleep and help you sleep throughout the night.

4. You spend more time with your partner.

If you’re juggling kids, work and home, the evenings might be your only time to converse with your partner. And unfortunately, a television in the bedroom could limit the amount of quality alone time you have together. Instead of discussing your day and reconnecting, you’re glued to the tube. Eliminate the television and enjoy a few minutes of conversation before closing your eyes for the night.

5. You have less clutter.

Removing a television from your bedroom can also reduce clutter. If you have a lot of furniture, including a nightstand, chairs and an ottoman, having a clunky television on your dresser takes up lots of space—space that could be used for other things.

6. You have less distractions.

Turning on the television while getting dressed in the mornings can provide background noise, but it can also be a major distraction. A news story might catch your attention, causing you to fall behind schedule. This can result in leaving the house later than planned and getting to work late.

7. You use less electricity.

If you want to save energy, start by removing the television from the bedroom. Think of the number of times you’ve fallen asleep with your television on. This may not seem like a big deal, but the wasted energy can increase your electricity bill.

If you want to sleep better and not rely on a TV for entertainment, removing the set from your bedroom is a good start. With this distraction gone, you’ll find better uses for your time, and actually spend less time lounging and more time sleeping.



Posted on Monday, October 30th, 2017