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Best TVs in the Industry

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Best Overall


$3496 on Amazon

It seems the only negative for this TV is the price, but man is it worth it. Pros include stunning OLED picture, incredible off-axis viewing, a sound system that will blow any others out of the water, and a variety of support for the newest 4K formats being released. LG’s E7 OLED produces a picture so intricate, anything different will look dull. Due to the LED technology, this TV can deepen contrasts, enhance the edges around images to give them a crisp image, and the brightness is top notch. The 65-inch E7 also supports HDR formats Dolby Vision and Ultra HD Premium. If that doesn’t convince you, the sharp audio available on the E7 will.

The E7’s sleek construction allows for a great looking appearance and rids itself of the typical black bezel. Like other OLED TV’s, this has the well-known off-axis viewing angles, so you won’t have to sit in a particular place to notice the vibrant colors and contrasts.

Best Value

TCL 6-Series Roku TV

$1,000 on Amazon

Being voted as the ‘Best Value’, this TV is for those who have a budget to keep to, but still want the best bang for their buck. The TCL’s 6-Series has been said to have the best price-to-performance ratio this year. The TCL 6 Series 65-inch Roku TV is one of the best 4K TV’s made affordable TV with its rich color and easy processes. It also includes support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision, along with Roku TV with voice search.

Prices, of course, range depending on where you purchase the TV and which add-ons you select, but the range for the TV itself typically maxes out at $1,000. With 96 local dimming zones in the 55-inch model, and even more in the 65-inch, the contrast is nothing like any other LCD. While the local dimming zone is working, HDR Pro Gamma automatically adjusts the backlight to match your room’s brightness. This is definitely one of the best Smart TV’s today, so even if you’re not on a tight budget, and if you aren’t too picky on picture quality, TCL’s models offer everything feature-wise in a TV, and it may save you some money to use on other home theater technology or pieces.

Best Picture

Sony Bravia OLED XBR-65A1E

$3,200 on Amazon

The Sony Bravia XBR-65A1E is leading the pack for OLED TVs with its amazing picture quality and impressive sound. Let’s get to the point– the picture quality. The 65-inch OLED panel isn’t messing around and produces deep blacks, strikingly sharp pictures and excellent viewing angles. Even compared to other top picture quality TV’s, the XBR-65A1E provides better color, more brightness and great accuracy. The 4K set also supports Dolby Vision and other HDR formats.

Sony also adds their own top of the line video processing, providing just the right touch that gives the XBR-65A1E a better picture. Lets be honest, Sony wouldn’t be the same without their audio abilities, and the XBR-65A1E definitely meets the company’s standards. Using Sony’s Acoustic Surface technology and inserting the speakers directly behind the OLED display, the glass vibrates and sends out sound waves to make it seem as though the sound were coming directly out of the characters’ mouths.

We won’t leave out Sony’s implementation and support of Android TV, which also makes it a great home theater choice. With the Android TV implementation, this TV integrates well with all major streaming apps, supports Google Chromecast, as well as Sony’s PlayStation Vue. The XBR-65A1E also has Google Home functionality built in to bring you voice search and smart-home control.

Best Aesthetic

Sony X900F

$1,300 on Amazon

If you’re more concerned with how well your TV will blend with the new couch or aesthetic of the room, the Sony X900F is what you’re looking for. This LCD/LED TV has a thin metal bezel, giving it a more refined and elegant look. While it does perform a bit better than the TCL, the remote and interface of the X900F is a bit less than perfect as it confuses most users.

The Sony X900F’s sleek metal bezel and thin profile is definitely a more elegant and luxurious upgrade from those thicker, glossy plastic bodies found on lesser models. With the help of a good, two-foot stand and built-in cable-routing features, you won’t have to worry about struggling to hide bulky cables. The stand is easier to find a place to put it because of the width, and it looks even better once it’s actually placed.

If you watch quite a bit of HDR content, the X900F is a better option than the cheaper TCL models. This Sony in particular gets brighter with HDR content and processes motion more smoothly during fast-moving action sequences, so it’s perfect for anyone with motion sensitivity. Another plus for appealing to your family room’s aesthetic, is the varying sizes. The TV ranges from 49 to 85 inches, so we’re confident you’ll find the one you need. Because it’s Sony, the X900F has Android TV built in and supports most streaming devices, but it may not be a great option for Roku users as it isn’t as compatible.

Written by Chloe Loveland

Posted on Friday, August 17th, 2018