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Clever and Simple Ways to Disguise Your TV

TV decor

Even though you enjoy having a television in the home, you might have a problem with the screen clashing with your decor. You spent a lot of time, energy and money designing your home and you might quickly realize that, as much as you love it, your television doesn’t match your vision.

Getting rid of the TV altogether might not be an option. So rather than have this eyesore take up too much space, here’s how you can disguise your television and enjoy the best of both worlds.

1. Buy a decorative cabinet.

Measure your television and then shop for a decorative cabinet that’s large enough to hold the television. Look specifically for cabinets with doors that either slide or open. The cabinet can be the focal point of the room and another decor piece. When you are ready to watch television, simply open the cabinet doors and enjoy some entertainment.

The good thing about a cabinet is that it can complement any room of your house, such as the living room, the family room and even your bedroom.

2. Get a bed with TV storage.

If you don’t want a TV dragging down the design and style of your bedroom, purchase a bed with built-in TV storage. These beds are unique and not available at every furniture store, so you’ll have to shop around and call different retailers.

With these beds, there’s a space or opening in the footboard that holds the TV and allows it to rise with the touch of a button. This is perfect for whenever you want to watch a program or a movie while lying in bed. Once you’re finished watching television, simply hit a button and the TV slides down into the footboard out of view.

3. Buy a large wardrobe.

Some people purchase wardrobes for their bedrooms when they don’t have enough closet space for their clothes. However, a wardrobe isn’t just for clothes, it can also hide a TV in the bedroom.

Use a section of the wardrobe to hang clothes or store shoes, and then position a TV inside the larger opening. Some wardrobes aren’t designed for a television, so you may have to cut an opening in the back in order to plug the TV into a power source.

4. Get a projector.

A TV projector is another way to watch television without having a huge TV mounted to your wall. Using a projector involves a small home renovation project because you’ll need to install the projector in your ceiling. On the upside, the screen remains out of sight when you’re not watching TV. It’ll remain completely hidden until you hit a button prompting the screen to come down.

5. Purchase a mirror TV.

It might come as a surprise, but there’s also the option of purchasing a mirror TV. This can double as a decor piece and an entertainment piece.

Simply hang the mirror TV on the wall. When you’re ready to watch TV, turn on the television and a clear picture appears on the mirror. And when you’re not watching TV, it turns back into a regular mirror with your reflection.

These TVs are unique because you can choose from a variety of different frames to complement the design of your home. The downside is that these TVs aren’t cheap and cost considerably more than a regular TV. For example, a small 32-inch mirror TV might cost a few thousand dollars. If you like the idea, though, there are mirror TV covers, which you can buy for much cheaper and use on your existing TV.

Even if a TV is a necessity in your home, it doesn’t have to ruin your decor. With so many creative options, there are ways to incorporate a TV in any room without it becoming the main focal piece.



Posted on Friday, February 2nd, 2018