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Do I Really Need a TV Service?

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Television gives you access to news, sports, weather and entertainment. But if you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on cable, you might choose broadcast television over a costlier TV service.

Broadcast television is free and perfect if you’re budget-conscious, but it might not offer a colorful selection of entertainment for your family. If you want more variety, signing up for a TV service is your best bet.

Whether you prefer cable or streaming, here are four reasons why you might be better off signing up for monthly TV service.

1. Access to More Channels

Broadcast television has come a long way over the decades. Years ago, if you didn’t have cable, you’d be lucky to have five channels to watch. With the availability of more broadcast stations, it’s now possible to access up to 15 or 20 free stations including NBC, CBS, PBS, the CW and more. But even with additional networks added to the lineup, broadcast still doesn’t offer as wide a variety of channels as you’d get with a TV service.

TV service providers have something for everyone. There are stations for music lovers, movie buffs, home and garden fanatics, plus dedicated programming for children. Whenever the mood strikes, you can sit back with the remote control and a drink and find exactly the kind of programming you’re looking for.

2. Opportunity to Bundle and Save

Some people stick with broadcast because they can’t imagine spending hundreds of dollars for TV every month. This is understandable, but TV services have evolved over the past 20 years, offering more channels, higher quality programs and lower prices.

Keep in mind – cable packages are not one-size-fits-all. Many service providers offer a multitude of packages to choose from based on viewing preference and budget. Prices for basic cable packages are relatively inexpensive, though prices do increase as you add on services, like sports or movie packages. Since add-ons are optional, it’s totally possible to keep your bill at a price you feel comfortable with.

Using a cable service provider also creates an opportunity to save in other areas. Many providers have specials where you can bundle home services, including internet, home phone and cable, and save with monthly discounts.

3. Not Just Cable Anymore

If you feel cable is too expensive, there’s no rule that says you have to choose a cable provider as your preferred TV service. Streaming devices are much cheaper and offer just as much variety, if not more. Netflix is perfect if you’re looking for movies, classic TV shows, original programming or documentaries. Hulu might be the right fit for your family if you watch movies and new episodes of sitcoms or series throughout the week.

The best part about streaming is that prices start as low as $8 a month (up to $12.99 a month)—a significant savings compared to cable.

4. Watch Anything, Any Time

Another downside to broadcast TV is there’s no flexibility to pick and choose when to watch programs. You are at the mercy of the networks.

This isn’t the case with a TV service provider. Cable offers the flexibility of watching programming live, or recording via DVR and viewing it later. There are also On Demand features and special program packages that enable you to watch exactly what you want anytime you want.

In the end, TV services give you the freedom to manage your entertainment. You get more flexibility and more options – all for a low price.

Don’t know which TV service may be right for you? See our comparison list and get a better idea of what services, features and prices are out there and how you might benefit from signing up.

Posted on Thursday, May 4th, 2017