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Entertainment Console or TV Mount? We Look at the Pros and Cons

mounted tv

Now that you’ve purchased a new TV, how are you going to set it up? Should you go with the tried-and-true TV console, where you can set up game systems, movies, remotes and more? Or should you go with the more modern and space-saving TV mount?

If you don’t have a preference, you might need help deciding which way to go. Knowing the pros and cons of both options can make this decision a little easier, so let’s take a look at what might be best for  you.

PROS – Entertainment Console

  • Stylish options. An entertainment console comes in various styles, colors and materials. So in most cases, you’ll find an entertainment console that matches your home’s decor. In fact, an entertainment console can be a nice addition to your home, adding character and personality, or creating a focal point.
  • Extra storage. Many consoles provide additional storage space and have openings that perfectly fit a DVR box or a gaming console, as well as doors and drawers for holding objects like DVDs, photo albums, knickknacks, etc. As a result, you can hide and better organize smaller items. This is also great for hiding unpleasant wires.

CONS – Entertainment Console

  • Too big for the space. While an entertainment console can offer style, storage and vary in size, your space might not be conducive to extra furniture. This could happen if you live in a smaller home, or if your living room already has a lot of furniture. Bringing in an entertainment console can make the home appear smaller and cluttered.
  • Dangerous for small kids. Entertainment consoles are usually sturdy, and it takes a lot for them to tip over. Even so, accidents can happen and larger consoles pose a danger for smaller kids. They might attempt to climb an entertainment console. And with the weight of the console unevenly distributed, it could tip over and injure a child. If you have small children, consider fastening or attaching consoles to the wall with screws, if possible.

PROS – TV Mount

  • Frees up space. Mounting a television to the wall gives the illusion of a bigger space, which can open up a living room or den. And if you decide to position a console or sideboard beneath a mounted TV, you can place home accents on top of the console to enhance your decor and give the home personality.
  • Modernize your space. A mounted TV is also a simple way to modernize a dated space. With the TV mounted, you can decorate the wall space around the TV with photos or artwork.
  • Mount anywhere. Mounting allows you to position a television anywhere in a room. Put it above a fireplace if there’s enough room, or mount the TV at an angle and spruce up an awkward corner.

CONS – TV Mount

  • Lose storage. If you mount a TV and forgo an entertainment console, you may lose storage space. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on how much stuff you need to organize or hide.
  • Mounting is somewhat permanent. Mounting a TV requires drilling brackets and holes into the wall, and you may have to open up the walls to hide wires. This is a project requiring an experienced professional. Once you complete the process of mounting the TV, it’s a relatively permanent solution. To change the location of the TV later on, you would have to open up the wall, repair wall damage and then re-mount the TV elsewhere.

Mounting a TV or purchasing an entertainment console doesn’t change the fact that a TV provides an amazing entertainment experience. If you’re looking for storage and a stylish addition to your home, an entertainment console might work. But if you want to reduce clutter, free up space and modernize your home, mounting the TV might be the better choice.



Posted on Monday, November 6th, 2017