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Feel Guilty about Watching Too Much TV? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

couple watching tv

People who spend a lot of time in front of the television are often thought of as lazy. As a result, you might feel guilty about spending your weekends or evenings laid out on the couch binge watching your favorite shows.

Chances are, there are a million things you could be doing around the house instead of lounging. And because of guilt, you might be reluctant to kick back and enjoy a little Hulu. But while too much television isn’t good for anyone, you definitely shouldn’t feel guilty about watching TV. Here’s why…

1. You deserve a TV break.

Some people watch five or six hours of TV every day after work and perhaps double this amount per day on the weekends. This is their favorite past-time and they don’t do anything else. If you fall into this category, you might consider scaling back on your number of hours in front of the tube.

Other people, however, are constantly on the move. From sunrise to sunset they’re working, taking care of their family and handling other personal matters. Because of their schedule, they can’t remember the last time they sat down and caught up on a little TV.

If you fall into this category, ignoring everything on your to-do list and recharging in front of your favorite TV show isn’t the worst thing in the world. There’s nothing wrong with a little entertainment and mindless TV. The work week can be extremely hectic and if you don’t take a breather, you put yourself at risk for exhaustion and burnout. Doing absolutely nothing lets you decompress.

2. Spend time with family.

You might limit your time watching TV to set a good example for your children. But sometimes, TV brings a family together, allowing them to enjoy quality time.

Not to say all quality time should be spent in front of the tube. Even so, there might be programs  the entire family enjoys watching. Rather than watch separately, watch together and use this time to reconnect. Or maybe plan movie nights as a family.

When the family is constantly being pulled in different directions, a few hours of TV in the evenings or on the weekends might be the only opportunity for everyone to be in the same room together.

3. Learn how to appreciate your life.

There are a lot of reality shows nowadays and these programs know how to bring the drama and entertain. Watching drama unfold in the lives of others can put things in perspective and help you appreciate your life.

Although your life might not be perfect, the problems you face every day might be far less severe than what your favorite reality stars deal with on a daily basis. This is something to be thankful for. Even watching the news can give you an amazing perspective on how fabulous your life may actually be.

4. You can learn from TV.

The truth is, not everything on TV is mindless. If you enjoy watching television and learning, you can expand your knowledge with educational programs—historical programs, discovery programs or documentaries. Relax, kick back and learn something at the same time. What about cooking or home improvement shows? These shows teach us valuable skills we may not have or may want to perfect – so get watching!

If you spend an entire day on the couch binge watching TV, you might give yourself a hard time. But sometimes, you have to let go, be lazy and enjoy some downtime. This doesn’t mean you should spend every free moment on the couch. The key is knowing when to get off the couch and not rely on your television every waking hour.



Posted on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017