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How to Watch NFL Games Without Paying for Cable

watch nfl without cable

Curious about how to watch NFL games without cable?

Between family, work and other responsibilities, you may have little time for TV. Why pay for it if you don’t really watch it? But as the NFL season starts up, you might spring into panic mode wondering if you’ll be able to watch the upcoming season like your cable subscriber counterparts.

Living without cable limits your TV viewing options, which is to be expected. Even so, you only need a few devices in your possession to enjoy football season without missing a beat.

Here’s a look at four ways to watch NFL games without paying for cable.

1. Purchase an antenna

Now’s the time to begin pricing digital TV antennas. If you only follow one sports team and this team happens to be a local team, an antenna will provide the coverage you need. The major networks (NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX) broadcasts most local games, including those airing on Sunday and Thursday nights.

If you fear poor quality, keep in mind that antennas have come a long way since those old bunny ears. For about $30-$50, you can choose from a variety of high-quality models, including those offering HD and 4K digital entertainment for the best experience possible without a cable subscription.

2. Get Sling TV

Even though new era antennas pick up more stations than old bunny ears, an antenna doesn’t give you access to cable sports networks, like ESPN and the NFL Network.

If you’re a serious football fan looking for the most coverage, Sling TV is your best bet. This device offers live TV streaming over the internet, and depending on the chosen package, you can receive plenty of NFL coverage.

Prices for Sling TV vary, but start at $20 a month for Sling Orange. This package gives you access to ESPN. For $25 a month, choose Sling Blue and receive the NFL Network. If you want both ESPN and the NFL Network, you are better off with Sling TV’s $40 a month package.

Because Sling doesn’t require a long-term contract, you can cancel at anytime. If you don’t think you’ll benefit from the service year-round, get rid of it (or downgrade your package) after football season.

3. Use PlayStation Vue

With so many streaming options available, it’s easy to lose track of your options. Sling TV is popular for streaming live TV, but it isn’t the only live streaming TV service available. PlayStation Vue is another option worth consideration for watching NFL games without cable. Not only can you watch live TV, including premium cable channels, you can take advantage of Cloud DVR service and stream up to five devices from a single account.

Prices start at $39.99, which lets you watch ESPN and local channels. For the sports package (which also includes the NFL Network), you’ll have to upgrade to the $44.99 package.

4. Switch to Verizon Wireless

If you’re not currently happy with your wireless provider, now might be a good time to switch to Verizon (if you’re no longer in a contract).

As a bonus perk, Verizon Wireless customers can stream every NFL game using the NFL mobile app. This saves you money because you don’t have to purchase any additional devices or subscribe to a streaming service. All you need is a smartphone.

The only downside to the NFL mobile app is that it doesn’t allow streaming to a television, which is alright if you’re on the go often.

Being a sports fan doesn’t mean you have to retain a cable subscription. Between streaming technology and better antennas, there’s no reason why you have to miss an NFL game, whether it airs on Sunday, Monday or Thursday.



Posted on Thursday, September 14th, 2017