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Tricks to Improve Your Wi-Fi and Streaming Experience

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Streaming lets you watch a multitude of shows and movies at your convenience. But you’ll need reliable Internet and enough speed for interruption-free programs.

When you initially signed up for a streaming service, your experience might have started off good. Yet lately, you notice lagging from time to time. This is annoying and frustrating, but there are simple tricks to improve your Wi-Fi and fix streaming problems.

  1. Move your router to an open area

Routers can be unsightly and clash with your home decor. Therefore, you might choose to keep your router out of sight. The problem with keeping your router tucked away is that your Wi-Fi signal might be unable to reach your devices. And unfortunately, this contributes to a poor streaming experience.

The ideal place for a router is the center of the home. But sometimes, the center places the router between walls, which can obstruct its signal. A blocked signal often results in interruptions and buffering while streaming.

If possible, move your router to an open area so there’s no obstructions or interference.

  1. Buy a new router

Similar to other electronic devices, routers eventually age and must be replaced. If your router once provided excellent strength but you’re now experiencing problems, it might be time to replace your current router with a new one. On average, home routers need to be replaced about every three to five years.

  1. Get a Wi-Fi extender

For the average home, a single router positioned in an open area can provide Wi-Fi throughout the entire house. But if you have a larger home or if you’re unable to put your router in an open area, you might benefit from a Wi-Fi extender.

This inexpensive device helps extend the reach of your Wi-Fi. This comes in handy when Wi-Fi seems to disappear in certain rooms of your home or if it’s nearly impossible to stream in certain areas. Your streaming experience should improve with expanded coverage.

  1. Secure your network

Check your Wi-Fi network to make sure it’s secured with a password. Leaving your Wi-Fi network unprotected means that anyone can hop on your Wi-Fi at any time. This includes neighbors who live in close proximity to your home. If too many people use your Wi-Fi without your permission, this can slow your network and make it difficult for you and your family to stream. Choose a Wi-Fi password that’s unique and one that can’t be easily guessed. You should also change your Wi-Fi password periodically.

  1. Increase your Internet speed

Sometimes, a poor streaming experience has everything to do with your Internet speed. If you chose the cheapest Internet package available from your cable provider, chances are you also chose the package with the lowest speed.

If you experience a lot of buffering or connection issues that make streaming difficult, contact your cable provider and discuss increasing your speed for better service.

  1. Check for interference

Not only can too many walls obstruct your Wi-Fi signal, you may have poor streaming quality if there’s too much interference from other electronics. This can happen if your router is located near other devices, such as the microwave, baby monitors, and cordless phones. Try moving your router to another location to see if streaming improves.

Bottom Line

Streaming can provide you and your family with hours of entertainment, so you can’t afford a poor experience. This is particularly true if you binge watch shows or you’re a cord cutter. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer silently. The above measures can help you identify problems and stream effortlessly.

Posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018