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How to Cope When Your Favorite TV Show Ends

Whether it’s the end of your favorite show’s season or the end of an entire series, this is a time of mixed emotions. You’ve become emotionally invested in the lives of your favorite characters over the past years or months. You’ve set time aside to watch the show each and every week. And the show […]

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4 Hobbies You Can Pick Up From Watching TV

When you think about watching TV, you might envision relaxing and kicking back. But while TV can provide tons of entertainment, it can also spark new interests. So if you’re thinking about picking up a new hobby or if you’re looking to make the best use of your time, start browsing through your favorite channels. […]

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Keeping the Peace: DVR Rules the Whole Family Should Follow

If you’re always busy and looking for ways to save time, chances are you have a home DVR. These devices are convenient for watching TV on your terms. You can skip commercials, get through shows faster and you never have to worry about missing your favorite programs. But if you share the DVR box with […]

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