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Reception Troubles? Try This

When resolving a television issue, it can be difficult to figure out where the real problem lies. A reception-related issue isn’t unheard of, but how can you tell if that’s actually what’s wrong? Here is how you can measure your TV signal strength and a few tips to resolving the issues, so you can work […]

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Guide to Buying a Cable Modem

Purchasing the right router and modem is just as important as signing up for that high-speed internet, if not more so. For those who aren’t quite sure of the part a cable modem plays in television, we’ll break it down. In a cable TV system, signals from various channels are each given a 6-MHz bit […]

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Mounting That TV

Let’s be honest, a TV isn’t cheap. You can invest a few hundred dollars to several to get the one just right for you, so it’s easy to understand why you would want to be so careful with one. A large, $250-$1,000 item made of glass? I think it’s safe to say our anxiety spikes […]

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Great TV Antennas

Purchasing an antenna is a great way to join the cord-cutters and keep things simple. Rather than using a satellite or internet connection, a TV antenna is a set of wires that pick up signals broadcasted by television networks. The TV antenna receives the signal and then converts that signal into audio and video signals […]

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Getting the Best Quality Out of Your 4K TV

4K televisions are known to offer better sound and picture quality, but did you know if you haven’t adjusted the settings on your new HDTV, chances are you aren’t getting the best quality possible? With the latest 4K and 4K Ultra sets, there are a few options and modes to get your television working exactly […]

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Looking Out For Hidden Fees

It’s easy to get caught in the heat of the moment, standing thrilled at the idea of using a new TV service or a new television, but make sure to slow down enough to read the fine print. Especially when it comes to any contract, you’ll thank yourself later for doing the nitty-gritty work of […]

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TVs— Finding the Perfect Fit

We could tell you to simply just use a measuring tape to size up a TV so that it fits on your wall, but whatever happened to a nice aesthetic? Nowadays, most living rooms or family rooms are centered around the TV, so there’s more that goes into an appealing interior design while still making […]

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How to Negotiate Your Cable Bill

Who knew cable bills could be such a large contributor towards your monthly expenses? You’ve had enough, and you’re almost at the edge of just completely cutting the cord. Almost. Before giving up on your entertainment, we’ll go through a few ways that will help get you the best deal for your money when it […]

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Cable Companies— Who & How to Choose

There are several cable companies to choose from, but what should you consider when finally picking one out? It can be a bit intimidating as these contracts can last anywhere from one to two years. A few important questions to ask yourself will be: ●     Is the cable company available in my area? ●     What […]

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Most Compatible TVs for Your Streaming

I think it’s safe to say that most people know their internet provider and speed greatly affect their viewing experience on media streamers, but did you know your TV matters too? It’s true, and here’s why! Layout & Integration The layout is extremely important for any TV viewing, but especially when it comes to finding […]

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