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Is Cord Cutting a Myth?

While media streamers and other online-based television have the spotlight, some say this could be the end of satellite and cable TV— The end of the cords, but is it really possible to “cut the cord”? One of the first (and maybe most important) indicators of whether satellite and cable TV will continue to thrive […]

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New Innovations in Cable and Satellite TV

Times they are a changin’, especially for cable and Satellite TV. From flat satellite antennas and live streaming in vehicles to the disappearance of set-top boxes, the world of entertainment is experiencing a tech overhaul that will change the way we watch, learn and play. Satellite Antennas Going Flat The dish is being flattened by […]

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4 of the Latest Trends in Television

How we entertain ourselves is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to new digital technology. While some people take advantage of things like new ways to watch television, others aren’t as open to change. But it’s more likely your TV viewing needs have changed over the years, and with changing needs comes a changing supply. […]

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4 Reasons To Love MyDISH

With so many ways to get TV into your home, it’s now more important than ever to choose the right programming vehicle to watch your favorite shows, news and sports channels. As with so many providers, like cable and fiber optic, the myDISH Network offers customizable TV packages, along with a number of DVR options […]

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