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Getting back into the school year can be difficult, but the sales that come with the end of August are enough to make it all okay. Plus, the mix between the end of summer and the beginning of football season make the perfect recipe for getting a steal on a new television. Below are some of the largest sales going on through a few retailers. DELL Deals Dell is definitely getting into the school spirit by discounting several of their TVs, giving consumers the ability to save up to 25% off. Normally priced at $1,799.99, Dell has their Sony BRAVIA 4K LED TV going for $1,499.99, saving you about $300.00! This 65” television includes Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR, LED backlighting, and implementation of multiple streaming services. Dell will even throw in a $400 Dell promo eGift card and includes a one-year warranty. Also on sale is the LG 4K ULTRA HD 70” TV. Originally $1,399.99, Dell knocks off $400 to get you this TV for under $1000. The consumer reports rave about the product, and who wouldn’t, given the… Read more

There are several cable companies to choose from, but what should you consider when finally picking one out? It can be a bit intimidating as these contracts can last anywhere from one to two years. A few important questions to ask yourself will be: ●     Is the cable company available in my area? ●     What channels are a must-have? ●     Am I able to or wanting to bundle my cable with my internet and phone? Websites such as AllConnect.com and CableTV.com both allow you to search for providers in your area by zip code. This will probably be the best first step to take in helping you narrow down your options. Knowing which channels you can’t go without will also help you in finding which cable company is in your best interest. Do you simply need a larger variety of the standard channels such as your local news, Discovery, HGTV, and Food Network, or are you looking for specialty channels like HBO and Starz? Researching which companies offer which sports channels and other add-ons is also a great thing to… Read more

I think it’s safe to say that most people know their internet provider and speed greatly affect their viewing experience on media streamers, but did you know your TV matters too? It’s true, and here’s why! Layout & Integration The layout is extremely important for any TV viewing, but especially when it comes to finding your favorite TV shows and movies through a streaming service. Many TVs now have built-in applications to make it easier for users to find and begin playing whatever they choose. Whether it be Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, it’s more than likely there. A few specialty TVs will also include brand-specific apps, like VUDU or PlayStation Vue. Connection TV connectivity is also a great thing to keep in mind when purchasing a device. Many will search for a TV that pairs easily and pairs well with their Alexa devices and more that make their viewing experience more convenient. Visual Quality Last, but certainly not least, we need to keep an eye on the specs listed for TVs. We all know how vital it is for… Read more

Plenty of people dream of having their own home theater, and we can see why. Creating a similar atmosphere as the movie theaters in the comfort of your own home? What could be better? For those who seriously consider it though, or are actually looking to set their own up, figuring out the technicalities of it all can be frustrating. We’re here to break it down, so having your own home theater can become a reality. TV The heart of all home theaters is the television. What else will bring your house to life, turning your living room into a jungle or futuristic era? This is what brings you that breathtaking viewer experience, so it’s important your TV has the essential visual capabilities. Pretty much any LED or OLED TV will work for your set-up, and many are able to produce images in 4K Ultra HD. Smaller screens producing 720p or 1080p images should do just fine, but if your TV is any larger, we definitely recommend that 4k Ultra for an even greater boost. Home Theater Receiver (aka AV… Read more

Best Overall LG E7 OLED $3496 on Amazon It seems the only negative for this TV is the price, but man is it worth it. Pros include stunning OLED picture, incredible off-axis viewing, a sound system that will blow any others out of the water, and a variety of support for the newest 4K formats being released. LG's E7 OLED produces a picture so intricate, anything different will look dull. Due to the LED technology, this TV can deepen contrasts, enhance the edges around images to give them a crisp image, and the brightness is top notch. The 65-inch E7 also supports HDR formats Dolby Vision and Ultra HD Premium. If that doesn’t convince you, the sharp audio available on the E7 will. The E7’s sleek construction allows for a great looking appearance and rids itself of the typical black bezel. Like other OLED TV’s, this has the well-known off-axis viewing angles, so you won't have to sit in a particular place to notice the vibrant colors and contrasts. Best Value TCL 6-Series Roku TV $1,000 on Amazon Being voted… Read more