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7 Excellent Reasons to Ditch the TV In Your Bedroom

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to have a television in multiple rooms throughout your home, including the living room, den, bedroom and maybe a home office. No matter your location in the house, you’re never far from your favorite programs. While a TV in the bedroom can be convenient, there are tons of reasons you might want to remove it, […]

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How Does a Streaming Device Work?

Streaming devices have become so widespread that just about every household has at least one device connected to a television. These devices are commonly used for streaming live TV and services like Hulu or Netflix, which let you watch what you want, when you want. Your phone or tablet is useful and convenient for streaming. […]

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5 Tricks to Manage Your Kid’s TV Time During the School Year

After nearly three months of watching TV around the clock, you might be ready to reign in your kids screen time for the new school year. This will be an adjustment, but the less time your child spends watching TV or streaming their favorite programs, the more time there’ll be for family activities and schoolwork. Even […]

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Do I Really Need a TV Service?

Television gives you access to news, sports, weather and entertainment. But if you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on cable, you might choose broadcast television over a costlier TV service. Broadcast television is free and perfect if you’re budget-conscious, but it might not offer a colorful selection of entertainment for your family. If […]

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