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Why LED TVs Rock

While the technology behind LED TVs isn’t entirely new, we’re still fascinated with the difference it has made in the viewer’s entertainment experience. Similar to an LCD TV, developers decided to add light-emitting diodes instead of standard cold-cathode fluorescent lights (or CCFLs) to illuminate the screen, giving them a few advantages. In all actuality, an […]

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Mounting That TV

Let’s be honest, a TV isn’t cheap. You can invest a few hundred dollars to several to get the one just right for you, so it’s easy to understand why you would want to be so careful with one. A large, $250-$1,000 item made of glass? I think it’s safe to say our anxiety spikes […]

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Great TV Antennas

Purchasing an antenna is a great way to join the cord-cutters and keep things simple. Rather than using a satellite or internet connection, a TV antenna is a set of wires that pick up signals broadcasted by television networks. The TV antenna receives the signal and then converts that signal into audio and video signals […]

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TVs— Finding the Perfect Fit

We could tell you to simply just use a measuring tape to size up a TV so that it fits on your wall, but whatever happened to a nice aesthetic? Nowadays, most living rooms or family rooms are centered around the TV, so there’s more that goes into an appealing interior design while still making […]

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Family-Friendly TV Deals

Getting back into the school year can be difficult, but the sales that come with the end of August are enough to make it all okay. Plus, the mix between the end of summer and the beginning of football season make the perfect recipe for getting a steal on a new television. Below are some […]

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Most Compatible TVs for Your Streaming

I think it’s safe to say that most people know their internet provider and speed greatly affect their viewing experience on media streamers, but did you know your TV matters too? It’s true, and here’s why! Layout & Integration The layout is extremely important for any TV viewing, but especially when it comes to finding […]

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Best TVs in the Industry

Best Overall LG E7 OLED $3496 on Amazon It seems the only negative for this TV is the price, but man is it worth it. Pros include stunning OLED picture, incredible off-axis viewing, a sound system that will blow any others out of the water, and a variety of support for the newest 4K formats […]

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When Is the Best Time to Buy a TV?

When it comes to finding the best deals on televisions, your initial guess is Black Friday. Black Friday is definitely one of them, but what about those who don’t find vicious crowds during the holiday appealing? Well, good news! There are a few opportunities all year round. Here are the best times to see those […]

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5 Ways TV Has Changed Forever

TV has change so much over the past ten years, so much so that some people have had difficulty keeping up. You might remember a time when you had to watch TV shows live. And if you weren’t home and didn’t want to miss a show, you had to set your VCR and keep a […]

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4 Hobbies You Can Pick Up From Watching TV

When you think about watching TV, you might envision relaxing and kicking back. But while TV can provide tons of entertainment, it can also spark new interests. So if you’re thinking about picking up a new hobby or if you’re looking to make the best use of your time, start browsing through your favorite channels. […]

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