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Why LED TVs Rock

While the technology behind LED TVs isn’t entirely new, we’re still fascinated with the difference it has made in the viewer’s entertainment experience. Similar to an LCD TV, developers decided to add light-emitting diodes instead of standard cold-cathode fluorescent lights (or CCFLs) to illuminate the screen, giving them a few advantages. In all actuality, an […]

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Reception Troubles? Try This

When resolving a television issue, it can be difficult to figure out where the real problem lies. A reception-related issue isn’t unheard of, but how can you tell if that’s actually what’s wrong? Here is how you can measure your TV signal strength and a few tips to resolving the issues, so you can work […]

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Guide to Buying a Cable Modem

Purchasing the right router and modem is just as important as signing up for that high-speed internet, if not more so. For those who aren’t quite sure of the part a cable modem plays in television, we’ll break it down. In a cable TV system, signals from various channels are each given a 6-MHz bit […]

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AI Technology in Television

The topic of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been booming lately, and for good reason. This past year has brought significant development and public release of various AI technologies, and it seems to be implemented in the television world as well! Not necessarily meaning human-look-alike robots, AI can and is used in a variety of manners, […]

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Companies Making a Transition to Streaming

Subscribers of pay-TV services have been dropping like hot cakes since earlier this year, and the decline only increases. Wall Street analysts had expected the Cable-Streaming shift, but many of the losses were more than double what they predicted, and stocks in major TV providers have seemed to dissipate. There are a handful of reasons […]

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Mounting That TV

Let’s be honest, a TV isn’t cheap. You can invest a few hundred dollars to several to get the one just right for you, so it’s easy to understand why you would want to be so careful with one. A large, $250-$1,000 item made of glass? I think it’s safe to say our anxiety spikes […]

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Everything Outdoor Entertainment

There isn’t anything quite like mixing your favorite movie stars with the actual stars. Whether you’re in the city or the suburbs, there are ways to bring the magic outside. With Fall just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to cozy up outside and watch a good movie. Setting Up Audio & Visuals Before […]

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From Tablet to TV

Screencasting has blown up, especially in areas like the office and classroom, and why wouldn’t it? No cords, no hassle! If you’re unaware of mirror casting, we’ll lay down the basics. Mirror casting is exactly what it sounds like—transferring what’s on the screen of one device onto a screen of another. Broadcasting photos, videos, music, […]

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Everything DVRs & What to Know

We’ll begin with the basics: What is a DVR? DVR stands for digital video recorder. It typically comes as a set-top box that allows viewers to record and store television shows for viewing at a later time. They are essentially a computer-type device that saves videos in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash […]

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Great TV Antennas

Purchasing an antenna is a great way to join the cord-cutters and keep things simple. Rather than using a satellite or internet connection, a TV antenna is a set of wires that pick up signals broadcasted by television networks. The TV antenna receives the signal and then converts that signal into audio and video signals […]

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